Subject matter experts —

Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc. engages a core group of subject matter experts to get the job done efficiently.

We partner with all pertinent personnel at your company and bring on various consultants from Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc. to identify and fill gaps in strategic planning, marketing, communications, technology, talent, professional development and program development to name a few. The purpose is to have the appropriate people in place to successfully complete a range of projects.


Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc proudly teams with Networking With Impact Business Development Interlock. Together we bring unlimited solutions for a wide range of industries and disciplines.

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Cheryl Coffey-Curry, Executive

Executive with a full complement of skills: Copy Writer, Editor, Research Analyst, Cheryl is an accomplished media and marketing communications professional with more than 20 years of experience. She spent 12 of those years working as director of affiliate relations for The Oprah Winfrey Show, where she designed and implemented a variety of public relations, marketing and image-building strategies and managed the show’s $10 million marketing budget. Curry was tapped to create the affiliate relations department for The Dr. Phil Show, where she spearheaded media plans for the show’s launch.


Cathy Augustine, Financial Consultant and Business Owner

Financial Planner and Wealth Manager: Founder of two companies Genesis Wealth Management and Money University. Money University is a nonprofit that focuses on teaching money management and wealth building skills through stock market literacy starting at grade school.


Dan Duster, President, Motivational Speaker and Business Owner

President, 3D Development Group: Motivational Speaker, Activist, Seminar Instructor will inspire you to make a positive difference in your life, and the world, by turning personal Energy into productive Action.


Dr. James F. West, Epidemiologist Director of the Sinai Urban Health Institute’s, "North Lawndale Diabetes Community Action Project"

His research interests include cancer prevention, public policy and human development, evaluation research and men’s health. Dr. West is the author of the book Trod the Stony Road. This is a memoir, which features friends and mentors that helped to shape his life. This road was sometimes destructive, but through perseverance he overcame obstacles and hopes to inspire others through his experiences.


Rhonda Norman, Graphic & Web Designer

In addition to being a consummate professional with the utmost precision in web creation and advisory skills, Norman is the founder of Dream 13 Press. Dream 13 press allows writers to self publish their written work.


Other advisors and subject matter experts:

Gina Bonar - Marketing Executive & Media Specialist, Amar Brisco - Graphic & Web Designer, Jessica Engelking - Web Developer & Designer, Ira Harmon -Illustrator, Writer & Comic Book Author, Gloria Franklin - Book Author & Etiquette Specialist, Marilyn Markle - Creative Director, Designer & Editor, Portia McFarland - Public School Executive, Ruby Pitts - Communications & Marketing Consultant, Rhonda Price - Retired Assistant Principal and Lesley Ranee - Book Author.


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School Marketing and Program Implementation

We assess, make recommendations, develop programs, advise and/or assist with implementation based upon the findings from the needs assessments and process improvement analyses, which determine the type of strategies required.

Contact us to do your school's needs assessment.

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