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Branding and Marketing

We can't really talk about marketing without referencing brand.

Your brand is what your product and service reflects in the marketplace. Think about your brand being the concept you lead with in your sales, marketing and advertising. Your brand is the value that differentiates you from competitors. What adjectives do you use to describe your company's value —

• Effectiveness • Holistic Approach • Inclusive • First to Market • Unique • Best in the Marketplace • The Most Cost Effective • Elite
Marketing is a process encompassing everything we help our clients do to gain favor, engagement and prominence among their target audience.

That includes but is not limited to online display ads, the proverbial sale sign in your store window, email notifications, post card announcements or the distribution of a press release. Marketing can be as simple as exchanging business cards and articulating your business' elevator pitch. It can also be as sophisticated as a promotional video.

Marketing varies depending on business needs and budget. Strategic marketing takes into consideration your company branding, target audience, business and sales strategy. It also honors your company's financial and talent resources.

Marketing is never one size fits all. Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc. designs online and offline marketing campaigns that are strategic and appropriate to your business operation.

Online, Offline,Marketing

At the Foundation of Your Brand is your Company Logo

Your logo should stand out and be recognized among the slew of others in the same market space.

Make your logo appropriate for the audience.

Avoid cliches and overused concepts.

Keep it simple.

Quality Logo Design

One layout principle that good designers rarely deviate from is the rule of thirds.

To create a more interesting composition the focal point in your artwork is rarely smack in the middle but just right or left of center and just below the horizon line. This principle is followed in photography, illustration and film. The next time you work with a designer ask him or about the rule of thirds.

Peace & Harmony Rule of Thirds

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