Building on the Core Strengths of Schools

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We make your key issues our key issues. Every slice is important to the harmony and balance of a child's life.

Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc. builds on the core strength of schools and school districts by collaborating with your institution to manage your educational and business needs. Our diverse backgrounds arm us with the knowledge to deliver under the toughest conditions. We help impact sustainability, increase growth potential and maximize your reputation within Illinois and the community in which you serve. We recognize that often times elementary and high school educators don't get their just due. However, we value your opinion as educators. This is why we like to partner with you to evaluate and create a needs assessment and strategy that outlines the immediate and future goals for your school. Based upon our findings we can advise and assist with implementation on the aforementioned areas listed in the chart below.

Increase sustainability, growth and branding Peace and Harmony Marketing Solutions - sustainability, growth and branding

Depending on the assertiveness of the individual school or school district we are able to develop an aggressive or phased-in approach to meet their specific needs. We can assist in the strategic planning as it pertains to your school, faculty, students, parents/guardians, the community at large and the 21st Century workforce.

Your students are future employers, employees and entrepreneurs for myriad industries nationally and globally. Thus, it is imperative that students in your classrooms be prepared to compete in the 21st century by becoming forward thinkers to manage jobs that have yet to be created.

Our Partnerships

We partner with the school board, pastors, principals, teachers, administrators, parents/guardians and the community at large to identify and fill gaps in technology, talent and educational programs. Most importantly we engage the child in participating in their development.

Tackling Tough Issues

Schools leverage only a fraction of available educational programs. Their preoccupation with a litany of requirements; enrollment, security, truancy, test scores, etc., leave schools with no flexibility to investigate new tools, and less time to evaluate and restructure those new resources. Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc. Consultants for Learning will fill that void; take on those tough issues, make appropriate recommendations and drive implementation.

Schools with limited financial resources can engage in the sharing of resources, talent and facilities. The sharing of resources benefits students and the school. Children can leverage learning opportunities outside of their assigned school. A school—shared resource lightens the financial burden for each school.

The Village Solutions

Key problems for schools are overcrowded classrooms, resource restraints both financial/talent and lack of effective succession or strategic plans. The first step to resolving this problem is to rely on "The Village." Ideally the solution is for this to be a joint venture between child, parent, teacher and community, which makes up their network "The Village." "The Village" has available resources that are already developed and proven to work, such as after school programs that enhance school experience, corporate involvement, volunteer programs, Junior Achievement and others.

Our core strengths increase sustainability, growth and branding

• Strategic marketplace/academic comparisons

• Enable school administration to focus on their primary goals

• Build lasting relationships between schools, parents/guardians, alum, corporations and the community

• Develop brand awareness campaigns

• Create Volunteer Structure

• Motivate children via initiatives to advocate and own their personal, professional and educational development

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School Marketing and Program Implementation

We assess, make recommendations, develop programs, advise and/or assist with implementation based upon the findings from the needs assessments and process improvement analyses, which determine the type of strategies required.

Contact us to do your school's needs assessment.

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