Marla L. Blanton, CFO - Marketing Business Strategy

Consummate Television Producer, Marketing Consultant, Project Manager and Special Events Consultant offering a wealth of knowledge, practical advice and expedient execution in video production, marketing strategies, project development and coordination of corporate/non-profit events.

Marla L. Blanton is an accomplished professional with thirteen years experience in the television, film, news, radio, education, government, corporate and non-profit industries. She has acquired significant knowledge with her varied background, which makes her a dynamic strategist in numerous trades.

Early in her career she worked on films both nationally and internationally as an Office Production Assistant. Her film credits include the "Negotiator" for New Regency Films and "March in the Windy City," a made-for-television movie for Yorkshire Television based in London.

In 2002, Marla began working for The Chicago Mayor’s Office of Administration on Mayor Daley’s early childhood campaign. She was instrumental in the curriculum development and seminar structure for parents. The purpose of the campaign was to provide low-income and working class families from all nationalities with educational resources and information needed to help them prepare their children prior to kindergarten.


Gwen Griffin-Harmon, CEO - Marketing Visual Strategy

This accomplished graphic design and marketing professional provides value on many levels, creative direction, web design, project management and communications. She’s delivers outstanding visual solutions. Her work on new business proposals, value propositions, social media and marketing projects results in key visual messaging and brand reinforcement. These solutions help to present business strategies—strengthening company growth, visibility and sustainability.

Her strategic business leadership spans over 20 years, covering graphics and aspects of the fashion industry: retail, manufacturing and creative. With keen presentation skills she positions content in the most effective visual medium possible (print, electronic, or video) all while maintaining the integrity of the project’s ultimate goal. With careful consideration she never underestimates the placement of color, type, illustration, photography, animation, and various print and layout techniques.

Early in her career she worked in the Consumer Business arena leading sales teams of over 45 sales associates and managing several locations throughout Michigan and Illinois. She was indoctrinated into the Fashion industry where her analytical, technology and creative skills were leveraged designing coats and patterns for local Chicago Designer Jermikko. Finally, she moved into the computer service industry and transition into graphic design, marketing and her art direction skills took a remarkable turn.


Amar Rama Brisco, Consultant - SEO/SEM and Social Network Strategy

Traditionally trained visual designer and illustrator that has fully transitioned into Website Design and Development. Most recently Amar is providing solutions for Search Engine Optimization.

For six years Brisco took the reigns as the Visual Media Communications Instructor at Kennedy King College where he taught, led, promoted and shadowed students through a two-year print and graphic design program. He helped to revamp the core curriculum by introducing several new programs such as: Digital Photography, Web Design, Videography and Editing, 3d/2d Animation and Art/Graphic Design cross curriculum courses. Additionally, he coined the new name for the program now called Visual Media Communications.

As Amar started providing IT Services for the National Black MBA Association, he also began consulting with them and small businesses on methods to improve their visibility through social media as wells as converting the client’s websites from a web brochure to generating sales leads.


The Team

In 2006 Gwen and Marla met at Deloitte and have been working together since that time. Most recently, Amar was brought onboard to specialize in SEO.

That team is now Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc., which builds on the core strengths of companies and organizations to increase sustainability, growth, online and offline visibility and branding. Together we team to provide integrated marketing and business strategies that meet the needs of our clients.

Strategies and Campaigns connect the business’/organization’s core competencies, business philosophy and methodology with existing and potential clients.

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Excited about our work with CASA of Cook County

We are excited about our work with CASA.

CASA of Cook County and Peace and Harmony

This year CASA celebrates 25 years of helping abused and neglected children find safe, permanent homes where they can thrive.

Contact us to do your school's needs assessment.

Urban Studies workshop at Lewis University

Gwen co-leads a workshop at Lewis University on urban studies. Her focus is on education, which is her hot spot when it comes to social issues. Learn more..."an educator shared a profound experience..."She has also taught with After School Matters, engaged Columbia College Students ("Real World Comes to Columbia College") and a Jefferson Award Recipient.