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About Peace & Harmony

G.G. Harmon— Creative Visual Solutions and Marla Blanton—Tranquilpeace: Marketing development, television production & event planning are partnering to provide services as
Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc.

Peace & Harmony are marketing consultants with diverse backgrounds. We are a perfect blend of marketing, branding online and offline creative services. Our value runs the gamut from impeccable business solutions for strategic planning and program development to online web/offline print, SEO services and other avenues of communications.

As media professionals, our creative energy and strategic approach delivers value, quantifiable results, enhanced brand awareness and optimal industry solutions which lead to maximized results. Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc., build on the core strengths of their clients. We believe that the careful consideration of each step of the process should be strategic and serve your desired purpose. Through effective collaboration and cooperation you will be able to achieve your goals. As marketing and creative professionals, our unleashed creative energy drives value effective results, optimum business solutions and brand enhancement allowing our clients the flexibility to staff up and down thus, leading to profitability.

Our goal is tri-fold. We accommodate short notice projects, annual engagements and long term assignments. We bridge marketing, creative service and business gaps for clients. We allow companies the flexibility to staff up when circumstances require specialized services essential to your business needs allowing for effective management of resources. Agility in marketing and business is the answer for companies in need of solutions where they can maintain a strong brand presence, stay lean, remain profitable and focused on their core competencies. Our consultancy will enhance any business environment including those with limited or no in-house marketing and creative service capabilities. We offer customized solutions and regular follow ups that fit the confines of each client.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the source for agile, elastic, effective, marketing, creative services and business solutions to maximize profits for our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is that our clients reach the highest form of engagement with their audience through appropriate, necessary channels and by doing so build stronger client interactions, relationships with continuous business payoffs.


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Veteran designer with achievements in graphics, art direction, web design, marketing communications —producing quantifiable results. Her strategic business leadership spans over 20 years, covering management, program development and aspects of the fashion industry: retail, manufacturing and creative.Learn more. .


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Accomplished professional with thirteen years experience in the television, film, news, radio, education, government, corporate and non-profit industries. Her significant knowledge and background makes her a successful dynamic strategist in numerous trades. Learn more...